Picking an illustrator is a difficult decision.  You need someone who can bring your creation to life; who will take your dream and make it a reality.  I had a tough time working through illustrators.  I talked with illustrators from different countries, different backgrounds, and different ages.  Each had their good points and each had exceptional artistic abilities.  Hiring someone you don’t know can be a little scary, because you don’t know if they will be able to give you the quality and depth you are looking for.  Crazy thing was though, I was surrounded by so many artistic people.

It took a bit of relentless asking, pestering, begging, but I finally convinced my friend J to come on board as the illustrator.  Not only is an amazing artist, but he has also been a key part of Moose Egg Productions throughout the years.  He has starred in puppet videos ( and helped out during a few of the live events we have done.

J has created an amazing character design for the two characters in I Want A Pet Turkey – Matt and the Turkey.  Why tell you about it when I can show you a behind the scene picture of the storyboard and the first page!


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