October Scares

For about six months, I lived with James out in a small township called Wizard Wells.  Total population for Wizard Wells at the time was a whopping 15 people (16 if you count me).  People didn’t really go to Wizard Wells for no reason.  People barely passed through it.  It was secluded and in the middle of nowhere.  It was home though, for about six months and James was a good roommate for five of those months.  That was because for the entire month of October he decided that he would pull scary prank after scary prank.

The first one started off while I was at work.  I walked into my room and found that all of my stuff had been rearranged.  When I questioned him, he stated that he didn’t know what I was talking about.

Then I was in my room reading at I heard something out of my window and he was just standing outside with a wolf mask on.  Wasn’t really a jump scare, but good effort, I guess?

Then I came home after work one day and he had been waiting in my closet.  I was sitting on my bed taking off my shoes when he jumped out from my closet.  That one WAS a good jump scare.  Though I don’t remember it completely, but I am sure that I did not scream in a high pitched voice.

By the end of October, I was now leaving shoes in specific spots to make sure that no one had come in my room while I was gone.  I would set them up every morning as fail safe protections.  However it didn’t help on Halloween night that year.

I had come home and the house was empty, which I was quite happy about.  I walked to my room and turned on the light and the light had been replaced by a black-light.  Everything in my room was in the same spot.  The only thing that was different in my room was on my bed.  The bed had been rearranged.  The pillows were moved around to make it look like someone was in the bed.  There was a dress laid out with a long, black wig that resembled the girl from The Ring. The problem was it was too hard to see anything in the room because of the black-light.Capture

I laughed out loud, because I knew that it wouldn’t be James in a wig.  I walked closer to the bed to remove the dress and wig and that was when the Alissa (a neighbor in Wizard Wells who had been riding with us to church each week) jumped up out of the bed and grabbed hold of my wrists.  I don’t know how hard I screamed or how high I jumped, but we can just say it was a lot.  I finally calmed down enough from the initial scare when James reached out from underneath the bed and grabbed my ankles.  Once again, heart racing and screaming in the room.  I juked back away from both of them quickly and placed my back up against the wall.  I was trying to catch my breath when the closet doors burst open and another person jumped out at me.  That was when I ran out of the room.

It took a while before I came back in the house.  I made it another month before I found my own place…

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