Wheel of Accents

Every Friday after work, a group of us from the Zstore would go out to do something fun.  We would either go to the movies, grab some food, or just hang out.  There was something that got started after a while that for the life of me, I cannot remember why we did it.  We always would talk in different accents as a joke, but our little group took it up a notch, by creating the Wheel of Accents.


Made out of cardboard, the Wheel of Accents was just what it sounded like.  It was a wheel that you would spin and if you landed on the accent then you had to pick.  It had your basic accents:  French, Scottish, Canadian, and a few other countries.  We mixed it in with a few accents from internet shows we watched at the time.  The best spots though were three unique spaces on the Wheel.  One was Free Pick.  This was the best one, because you were able to pick any accent you wanted even if it was not on the wheel.  The second was Random Pick.  This was the second hardest, because the group decided what accent was you were stuck with.  Just fyi, the group decisions were never kind.  The last unique space was Double Accent.  This was you had to spin until you landed on two different accents.  Then you had to do incorporate both of them as you talked.  For example, you could have Scottish and Jamaican (think Sean Connery being cast for Cool Runnings).

That is how the board worked.  Here is how the game was played.  Before the group entered the restaurant, everyone would spin.  Once everyone was assigned an accent, then you would go inside and from the moment you walked through the doors, you had to speak with your accent.  The first person who broke (started laughing too much to continue or spoke in their regular voice), would then have to pay for the appetizers or desserts for the table.

I know what you are thinking, “What if no one broke?”  Someone always ends up breaking.

To this day, the Wheel of Accents is still around and sitting on my shelf in all of its glory.

Does your group have any fun games like this?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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