Puppet Project- Dragonfire

Good morning everyone!!!

I wanted to share a friend’s post about their new project called Dragonfire. My friend, Jennifer, is a professional puppeteer and storyteller who has been working on a new storytelling opportunity. The best way to describe Dragonfire is in Jennier’s own words:

“Dragonfire stems directly from my desire to express myself and my faith in a unique way. I knew had something important to say, but I didn’t know what it was or how to say it. The idea of that desire burning inside gave me the idea for the character Kenna (which is an old Celtic name meaning born of flames), from her came the dragons, from them came the story.” Dragonfire asks, “how do stories help the suffering?” And answers by showing a little girl finding her very own dragonfire inside, using it to call on the Third Dragon herself and send a demon dog running. 

The project has received a small grant from the Experimental Puppetry Theatre Program for all other expenses, so it is a guaranteed to be on stage. When you support Dragonfire, however big or small, you will be helping Jennifer and her team bring the story to life by giving toward practical needs like food, housing and travel while in Atlanta for the performances.

If you could please check out her Indiegogo page if donate and if you can’t donate then please share the page. I desperately want to see Jennifer reach her dreams, because if it wasn’t for her helping me in the early steps of I Want A Pet Turkey then I wouldn’t be in a place to see my dreams come to life this year either. She worked with me over countless hours to get a storyboard, basic designs, and even helped me with the business side of making my children’s book. Now we can help her to fulfill her dreams.

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