Order – I Want A Pet Turkey

Have you ever wanted a new pet? Matt sure did and when he saw a turkey in his backyard, he knew he found the perfect pet. How do you get a turkey to be your pet, though? Everyone has a choice they have to make: to be nice to others or not. Matt will learn a very important lessons about his choices having consequences.

Moose Egg Productions first children’s book is now available online. If you would like to order a copy for yourself, your classroom, or your church this is the place to order them! This book is meant for preschool thru 2nd grade children. I Want A Pet Turkey has been used in churches, story-time events, preschools, daycare’s, and puppet shows! We hope you will enjoy your version of this new children’s book and hope that one day you get your very own pet turkey!!!

I Want A Pet Turkey – Children’s Picture Book

Haven't you always wanted your own pet turkey? Matt sure did! He is about to learn an important lesson about the choices we make. Will Matt choose between the good way on getting a pet turkey by being nice or the bad way and trying to capture the turkey. This story (based on real life events) will teach your child that the choices you make have consequences and that the best pet is the one you love!


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