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Artwork 02

I always feel like somebody’s watching me!  Awesome new artwork for I Want A Pet Turkey.


Picking an illustrator is a difficult decision.  You need someone who can bring your creation to life; who will take your dream and make it a reality.  I had a tough time working through illustrators.

Getting A Game Plan

I had the dream, I had the story, but nothing was really happening.  I needed to get serious about it, but I had no game plan.  I had no next step.  So the story took a backseat.  That was until a lunch with the…

Artwork 01

Here is a little teaser of lil’ Matt and his pal Julius.  If you could have any pet, what pet would you want?

Update 09-24-18

The story so far… When I started telling this silly little story during puppet shows and at church events, I noticed something pretty interesting:  children really enjoyed the story.  It happened suddenly and took me by surprise.  I would see a kiddo again and…

Where It Began

The first thing I tell people when they hear the story of “I Want A Pet Turkey” is that it really happened, well parts of it did.  For years now, I have been able to turn a small story of growing up out in…