School Visits!

Who doesn’t love a school visit? I have been preforming story-time events and puppet shows for children ages 2-8 for years. Whether it is reading a good story, creating our own story, preforming with a puppet, teaching how to be a puppeteer, or learning about how to create a story the children have always had a good time!

Story-Time Events

Story-time events include an hour presentation with introductions, fun games, reading two books, and can include puppet time or a craft (make your own paper-bag puppets).

Puppet Workshop

Puppet workshops include teaching children about how to preform with a puppet regarding hand movements, speaking, walking, and emotions. The workshop utilizes both pipe-cleaner eyes (that the children can keep) and practice puppets. It will show how puppets can be used to tell stories and to have fun!

If you are interested in having me come to your school or library to do a story-time event or to do a puppet workshop please contact me below to discuss scheduling details.

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