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Interview – Voice Over Actor – Asia Mattu

Hey everyone! This week on Questions To Inspire, we have an amazing interview. We are going to talk with Actor – Asia Mattu! Good morning, Asia.  Let’s start out with you telling us a little bit  about yourself. Good morning! I’m a drummer, martial artist, I LOVE to travel and most importantly I’m a voice actor! So…

Interview – Singer / Songwriter – Robynn Shayne

Welcome to Questions To Inspire, where we interview people to find out what has inspired them in their careers and lives. Today, I am really excited to speak with a friend of mine Robynn Shayne. Robynn is a country music singer and has been…

Interview – Children’s Author Hena Khan

Today we are talking to children’s book author – Hena Khan.  Hena has written some really amazing children’s books.  One of her books, Amina’s Voice, has already been released and she has man other children’s books, like Under My Hijab. Please tell us a…

Interview – Author Elizabeth Hyde Stevens

You have to keep putting yourself out there until the market realizes it wants you.

Interview – Children’s Author Cori Doerrfeld

They reaffirm the good things in life and offer hope that the bad things can get better.

Interview – Puppeteer Noel MacNeal

“Don’t get a job; get a career.” Figure out what you can do to help that dream come true, whether its puppets or something else.